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If you wish to enrol on any of our courses , please follow the steps identified below:

Step One: Browse our range of categories and courses

Step Two: Choose your course 

Step Three: Click Enrol Now and provide us with your details.

You may enrol on more than one course, however we don't have shopping basket system at the moment, just fill in the form once and make a note of any other courses you would like to enrol on.

Step Four : A Virtual College Enrolment Officer will contact you to confirm your details and discuss payment* options. At this stage we can add the extra courses without you having to complete several enrolment forms.

Step Five : You will be given a start date and allocated an eTutor.

If there are any issues that you wish to discuss, contact the helpline on 01554 748347 during office hours (8am - 5pm), or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please note that payment* must be taken prior to your agreed start date.