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ECDLThe Virtual College is based in Coleg Sir Gar, South Wales and with the exception of ECDL all of our courses can be completed anywhere in the world. Unfortunately ECDL requires the learner to sit several exams under strict exam conditions - you even need to bring photo ID.

If you live outside of Carmarthenshire and wish to complete an ECDL test closer to home we can help signpost you to your nearest centre. (Third Party Centres may charge a small examination fee)


We, The Virtual College, offer a range of ECDL Courses including:

  • ECDL Essentials
  • ECDL Extra
  • ECDL Extra + Databases
  • ECDL Advance


Please click here for more information.

All of the above can all be studied via distance learning and then exams can be taken at Llanelli (Graig Campus).


ECDL Test Centres


Virtual College learners may pay £15 per module exam fee which includes two attempts (most learners pass first time) and should you fail after two attempts there's a small charge for the 3rd and 4th.


How long does it take to complete ECDL Extra and Essentials?

Motivated learners can easily pass seven ECDL modules within a year. Your £100 enrolment fee includes tutor support for up to 12 months on the ECDL course of your choice (ie Extra (4 modules) or Essentials (3 modules)). If you are unable to complete the enrolled course within 12 months you can easily re-enrol at just £20 per module remaining (Assuming you have completed 50% of your course).


How long does it take to complete ECDL Advanced?

ECDL Advanced is a challenging yet rewarding qualification. Each module is designed to be completed within 20 hours of learning. It's up to you how you spread the 20 hours however we suggest a minimum of 2 hours per week. Your £80 enrolment fee includes 3 months of tutor support.