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Maths skills have a huge impact on everyday life. Most employers, colleges and universities require a good understanding of maths skills and those that do not require maths will certainly look at this area when shortlisting if demand is high.  Outside of employment, maths is also important at home- from shopping and planning trips, to understanding computers, managing your personal finances and supporting children with their homework.
Whether you want to improve your job prospects, get ready for college or university, or help your child with their homework, we can help.  Our maths courses include comprehensive initial skills checkers that will identify which areas and levels require improvement.  Areas could include:
•    Measurement
•    Shape & space
•    Whole numbers
•    Handling data
•    Fractions, decimals & percentages
•    Home finances
•    Accounting
•    Maths and English skills for Children's Care, Learning and Development
•    Handling Money at Work
Please see the learndirect FAQs for pricing information by clicking here.

For further information or to enrol contact us on 01554 748345 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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