Online learning
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A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a web based delivery platform (the equivalent of bricks and mortar of a conventional college) that provides all the tools, functions and resources to support on-line learning. When the VLE is used to support students who never step foot in a conventional college it is termed remote or distance learning; when the VLE is used with students in a classroom, it is termed blended learning. In both cases e-learning is being used to support and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

The Virtual Colleges’ VLE has been developed in house by academic staff and software developers to create a learning platform that is driven by pedagogy and not by technology i.e. good teaching and learning practice is put first. The VLE has evolved from a simple web site in 1998 to a database driven, intuitive, flexible learning platform embracing current best practice in e-learning. The development process is on-going, driven by research and constructive feedback by users (staff and students).

The VLE can be accessed by any student with a valid username and password (allocated on enrolment) anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a computer and the internet. Feel free to log in as a guest to see a sample of learning units and some of the tools and features of the VLE.