Student Feedback
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 This is probably the most important mechanism for improving the quality of learning materials and the on-line learning experience. We welcome feedback from all students at any stage of their chosen programme of learning. This provides us with thousands of 'quality controllers' resulting in high quality materials. All evaluation questionnaires feed into the colleges quality systems to continuously improve the on-line experience.

Although some web sites may contain false information, the comments included are genuine and verifiable from real students who have actively participated in our e-learning programmes.

Students'I could stay at home and be with my family whilst completing my course work at a schedule I had agreed to. I had great support always from my tutor from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble and I always felt help was there where and when I needed it. I only wish I had been introduced to this new way of learning earlier'.


I am really enjoying the experience. This course is improving my confidence on the computer and knowledge of various brain injuries. I feel that I am learning a lot at the moment and don't want to stop!
'I enjoy the course tremendously because it is varied and fun and suits my lifestyle down to the ground. Some parts even let my creative side ‘let rip’ – snakes and ladders. The flexibility of the course is probably its greatest asset and the support provided by my tutor means that answers to my questions are only an email away'.


'I thought that the course was very well set out and at a level that anyone could study, even if they had little knowledge of computers or of brain injuries. The content of the courses was just right and it did not go into too much detail or swamp you with too much information. The whole of the web site was set out well and easy to use, and I would definitely like to continue further learning with you.'


'Thank you for your support I enjoyed doing this course with you. It has helped me a lot as I wanted a change in career and now I have the confidence and ability to do this.'


'Well done Virtual College! I have to say that I have had an excellent time studying with you, and it has also opened my eyes to how simple and effective internet study is. My tutor was excellent and maintained my motivation throughout with a hint of fun thrown in. It has given me confidence to embark on an Open University degree, and improve my qualifications. I hope I will be able to continue onto the next level, and learn more. Thank you so much.'